Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Opinions and judgements take no time to come in existence but take a lot of energy and time to be dealt with. Every moment we are making opinions which are not even required but we still put our minds to it! We don't realize but these opinions and judgements change your perceptions and our personality to an extent that it is hard to come back to the initial stage. Before going into the solution of how not to do it, let's discuss why we do it intentionally or unintentionally! Your mind has power to create but it also has a quality to wander. For instance you're reading a book. Your mind wanders with the characters and content of the book. Then it starts going around you and starts remembering and cooking up stories. If not this you will relate to the book or start thinking of finishing it or what will you do after that. Suddenly you're passing judgements on characters of the book or people around you or imaginary situations. Is it really needed? Mind is like the naughty kid on the playground. The more you say no to something it will definitely start thinking about it constantly. The only solution is to observe or be aware. Constantly checking where the mind is wandering. You may ask why is this a topic of discussion? It is so because we are so engrossed in things and situations which can simply be avoided by being aware. For instance someone tells you about a person A. You start making up a judgement. Then when you meet that person, the prior image needs time to fade to make up a new image but it will always be affected by the pervious one!
You never know the back story of the person or how that situation has occurred so why waste time in making up rigid thoughts. Then pass on these thoughts and get into unnecessary and unwanted situations. Just be vigilant and keep coming back to the path you have chosen. It is hard for sure. But keep trying. I'm too!

Saturday, 19 August 2017


Why are we running? Yes this may strike to you as why this question? What does this mean? But it is something that I observed! When we are kids, we want to grow up fast, be an adult. Thinking we will get some freedom. In adulthood we think about promotions and a perfect partner. In middle age about children. Old age is property issues or health problems or loneliness. This habit is to such an extent that we never live the moment and think about the next. In school thinking about getting into a good college then to a good job then to promotions and this goes on. Just stop for a minute! Yes planning for the future is essential but not at the cost of your present. Live your childhood, better study and acquire knowledge in college. Jobs and properties and children will happen eventually as a by product! Failures and emotional breakdowns are also part of the process. It will all happen. But it all depends on how you look at it! Try to figure out your stabilizer! The one that calms your storms. It may be a person or book or place or spirituality or faith. Because at the end of the day even a optimistic person needs optimism! Balance is what is required in living the moment and using it being aware and productive for the future. You have the solutions to your problems alone and only you have the potential to balance. The mind is what needs to dealt with. Take a pause everyday to introspect and improve. Keep trying! I'm too!

Saturday, 29 July 2017


Whomever I talk to nowadays is stressed about something or the other! It's sad that some have forgotten optimism! The issue or situation is not with you! You're free! It's the life which takes turns! In this busy lifestyle don't forget the essence! Everyone is different inspite being similar. You can have your own thought process and identity. It's not important to follow the crowd or the words of the trustworthy all the time. You can think for yourself. There is no harm in moving out of a job or place or relation if you feel burdened or terrible about it. It's not always possible to communicate what you feel to the other person. Take the responsibility of how you feel and take action which you feel is right! You're an individual and you have your own essence. Maybe things are not good now but they will turn out how they are supposed to eventually! Take a 2 minutes break every now and then and introspect! It's you who is on top of the priority list! If you are not relaxed and at easy with yourself, how will you be able to cope up with life events? Life is a beautiful road with hurdles in it but it's worth going on a ride! Accept your essence, your individuality and make time for yourself. You can't give explanations to everyone everytime. It's fine if you know the truth yourself. Just be at ease with yourself. Keep trying. I'm too!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


There will be certain situations and time periods in which you will feel alone and lost! But that is natural. It just needs to be analysed wisely! Its not necessary that the situations and people we have in our lives right now will be with us for the entire lifetime! This fact needs to be assimilated. Imagine yourself on a path and others on their own. Maybe the paths meet or go parallel but it will take it
its own course. Its hard to accept but one needs to learn, let go and move on. This doesn't mean you become emotionless or introvert! Just keep moving and living as the path goes on. Remember its the lessons which needs to be picked up and embraced and not clinging on the life situation. I know it's easier said than done. But you are strong and perfect in your own way. Changing and improving are different. Change happens to your very existence but improving is you remain yourself but just improvise little things for your own good. This life is yours and precious don't lose hope in life path. Just keep moving and improving. Its difficult sometimes but you can do it like you did before. Keep trying. I'm too!

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Why are we running into different directions in search of peace or happiness? Why do we expect from others? Is changing jobs or people or relationships the solution? Why are we still holding onto relations and situations that hurt us so bad? Usually the answer is " hope" that everything will fall into perfect place and we will be happy and fulfilled. But is it possible? It is only possible when we start working and understanding our own self! We expect because we are scared from our own shortcomings and weaknesses. Spare a moment and ask yourself, are you treating yourself right? Why am I expecting? Why do we have a fear of being alone? Instead of working on our own potential and evolving we are stuck into situations we never thought of. Just stop and look for our own way of peace and improving because that is what we need to do and things will fall into perfect places! Look for your own spirituality and your own Truth! Relax, the path is long. Keep walking and trying. I'm too!

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Why except? Why not transform it to accept? Two small words with deep meanings and holding a powerful key! Why people keep the past exceptions with present life situations? Usually you will hear "let go concept" as a solution. But is it easy? Truthfully no! Why? Because have you stopped and questioned yourself! Are you comfortable? Happy? Where are you going? Where do you want to end up? Do you have a vision for yourself? Here is the key which is missing. "ACCEPT!" Once you are in peace with your own self things gradually they transform themselves! It won't happen in a day that you become aware about this accept concept. It is not applied in a day! But it is a continuous vigilant process. Accept the reality of the situation. Analyse truthfully where you were right or wrong according to your definition! Others can never say what the situation really was or what is the morality in it? Because you were the one who experienced it. Create your own analysis process, become aware and try to accept. If your past "demons" are still after you, they will haunt you and you yourself will ruin everything. And keep in mind nobody can harm you, make you sad or do anything for you! It's YOU and always you who can do that! Companions can be your support systems but the transformation has to happen within. Every moment be aware! Remind yourself about your own existence! This way, I hope you will not indulge in things, persons and situations which are not fulfilling for you. Keep becoming aware and keep trying. I'm too!

P.S ~ Special gratitude to my companion with whom I had a great discussion!

Thursday, 4 May 2017


There is so much more to life then just the usual routine of human beings. Set yourself free from your own false boundaries! Some are still stuck in the past chapters, some in the present routine and some worried about what will happen next? It took hundreds of years of history for the formation of the society and now it's more of a baggage than the glorious representations. The world functions onto something mysterious which science still needs to "discover" and we need to analyse. It's your subjective truth that takes you to your imaginary route not the social norms. Being unaware and frustrated, changing jobs, places or partners you really are missing the cause of this longing. Sit and give yourself time! Because in this busy and ambitious lives we are forgetting ourselves. You're the one who needs to decide your norms and functioning. But it doesn't indicate to be a rebel or hurting sentiments but just being comfortable just being with yourself!! The path is unknown and long but not so difficult that you stop walking. Keep trying! I'm too!