Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Opinions and judgements take no time to come in existence but take a lot of energy and time to be dealt with. Every moment we are making opinions which are not even required but we still put our minds to it! We don't realize but these opinions and judgements change your perceptions and our personality to an extent that it is hard to come back to the initial stage. Before going into the solution of how not to do it, let's discuss why we do it intentionally or unintentionally! Your mind has power to create but it also has a quality to wander. For instance you're reading a book. Your mind wanders with the characters and content of the book. Then it starts going around you and starts remembering and cooking up stories. If not this you will relate to the book or start thinking of finishing it or what will you do after that. Suddenly you're passing judgements on characters of the book or people around you or imaginary situations. Is it really needed? Mind is like the naughty kid on the playground. The more you say no to something it will definitely start thinking about it constantly. The only solution is to observe or be aware. Constantly checking where the mind is wandering. You may ask why is this a topic of discussion? It is so because we are so engrossed in things and situations which can simply be avoided by being aware. For instance someone tells you about a person A. You start making up a judgement. Then when you meet that person, the prior image needs time to fade to make up a new image but it will always be affected by the pervious one!
You never know the back story of the person or how that situation has occurred so why waste time in making up rigid thoughts. Then pass on these thoughts and get into unnecessary and unwanted situations. Just be vigilant and keep coming back to the path you have chosen. It is hard for sure. But keep trying. I'm too!

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