Wednesday, 12 July 2017


There will be certain situations and time periods in which you will feel alone and lost! But that is natural. It just needs to be analysed wisely! Its not necessary that the situations and people we have in our lives right now will be with us for the entire lifetime! This fact needs to be assimilated. Imagine yourself on a path and others on their own. Maybe the paths meet or go parallel but it will take it
its own course. Its hard to accept but one needs to learn, let go and move on. This doesn't mean you become emotionless or introvert! Just keep moving and living as the path goes on. Remember its the lessons which needs to be picked up and embraced and not clinging on the life situation. I know it's easier said than done. But you are strong and perfect in your own way. Changing and improving are different. Change happens to your very existence but improving is you remain yourself but just improvise little things for your own good. This life is yours and precious don't lose hope in life path. Just keep moving and improving. Its difficult sometimes but you can do it like you did before. Keep trying. I'm too!

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