Thursday, 15 June 2017


Why are we running into different directions in search of peace or happiness? Why do we expect from others? Is changing jobs or people or relationships the solution? Why are we still holding onto relations and situations that hurt us so bad? Usually the answer is " hope" that everything will fall into perfect place and we will be happy and fulfilled. But is it possible? It is only possible when we start working and understanding our own self! We expect because we are scared from our own shortcomings and weaknesses. Spare a moment and ask yourself, are you treating yourself right? Why am I expecting? Why do we have a fear of being alone? Instead of working on our own potential and evolving we are stuck into situations we never thought of. Just stop and look for our own way of peace and improving because that is what we need to do and things will fall into perfect places! Look for your own spirituality and your own Truth! Relax, the path is long. Keep walking and trying. I'm too!