Thursday, 4 May 2017


There is so much more to life then just the usual routine of human beings. Set yourself free from your own false boundaries! Some are still stuck in the past chapters, some in the present routine and some worried about what will happen next? It took hundreds of years of history for the formation of the society and now it's more of a baggage than the glorious representations. The world functions onto something mysterious which science still needs to "discover" and we need to analyse. It's your subjective truth that takes you to your imaginary route not the social norms. Being unaware and frustrated, changing jobs, places or partners you really are missing the cause of this longing. Sit and give yourself time! Because in this busy and ambitious lives we are forgetting ourselves. You're the one who needs to decide your norms and functioning. But it doesn't indicate to be a rebel or hurting sentiments but just being comfortable just being with yourself!! The path is unknown and long but not so difficult that you stop walking. Keep trying! I'm too!


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  2. Beautiful 😍

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