Thursday, 18 May 2017


Why except? Why not transform it to accept? Two small words with deep meanings and holding a powerful key! Why people keep the past exceptions with present life situations? Usually you will hear "let go concept" as a solution. But is it easy? Truthfully no! Why? Because have you stopped and questioned yourself! Are you comfortable? Happy? Where are you going? Where do you want to end up? Do you have a vision for yourself? Here is the key which is missing. "ACCEPT!" Once you are in peace with your own self things gradually they transform themselves! It won't happen in a day that you become aware about this accept concept. It is not applied in a day! But it is a continuous vigilant process. Accept the reality of the situation. Analyse truthfully where you were right or wrong according to your definition! Others can never say what the situation really was or what is the morality in it? Because you were the one who experienced it. Create your own analysis process, become aware and try to accept. If your past "demons" are still after you, they will haunt you and you yourself will ruin everything. And keep in mind nobody can harm you, make you sad or do anything for you! It's YOU and always you who can do that! Companions can be your support systems but the transformation has to happen within. Every moment be aware! Remind yourself about your own existence! This way, I hope you will not indulge in things, persons and situations which are not fulfilling for you. Keep becoming aware and keep trying. I'm too!

P.S ~ Special gratitude to my companion with whom I had a great discussion!

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