Thursday, 16 March 2017

Thought process!

Why is it so hard to change our own perceptive? What is it which compells us to be rigid about our view? Some state the answer as EGO. It's easier said then done! Let's analysis this process by an example not religious but a day to day one. For one person eating with fork is the way. For another eating with hands is the best. You put these people together in a room with food. You can imagine the amount of explanations both can give about their ways. But why is there a need to explain?? Again ego plays a role here. It's a circular path. You're raised with some set of rules, explanations and taught about a way of living. Similarly other person is raised in a different way. But till the time you start analyzing about the teachings, you've become habitual to the taught practises. Now the ego plays it's part. It tries it's best state proves and explanations for your ways of living. Even if you want to live in a different outlook, the ego gives you reasons not to. The instant thought is "I've been doing this for years." Imagine even for a day to day activity, this thought process goes on and on. Now you can understand why people are sentimental about religious practices because such practices are taught with emotional thought process.
There are 4 divisions in this thinking process as said in the Vedas. A thought travels in between 4 stoppages i.e.  Manas, Chitta, Buddhi and Ahankar. Let's understand this. For instance, "I would like to donate money." Manas just observes that a thought is there, Chitta starts the thinking process. Should I give the money? Is this orphanage or NGO okay? Confusion or duality is created. The thought is transferred to Buddhi. The analysis happens. You come to a conclusion. Many times the thought is transferred back to Chitta. If not it is transferred to Ahankar and decision to taken place.
Imagine the amount of processing is going on just for one thought! The amount of  body energy we consume in seconds. How to get rid of it?? Vigilance is the key. Just be aware and observe. The mind has a tendency of forgetfulness but keep on observing. You don't have to do anything. Just be natural and loose and just observe.
It will take time to initiate such a thing but just remind yourself of it. Keep trying!! I'm too.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Scriptures and Truth

Amongst the battle of Scriptures and paths for becoming one with the Eternal, don't forget that you are "The Truth". It's no where else but inside you. Once the bliss is attained, you transcend from the Scriptures itself! Through Scriptures you cannot attain to truth. But if you attain to truth, you will understand the Scriptures. All Scriptures come from persons who have attained. Buddha once said, " You taste the ocean from anywhere, you will always find it salty." You taste it from the Bible, the Koran or the Bhagavad Gita, the taste is always the same. Scriptures cannot lead you. Infact, they are dead without you! You bring them to life after attaining the truth.
There a famous story about Lin Chi attaining enlightenment. Someone asked him about what was the first thing he did after attaining? He said I laughed and asked for a cup of tea! Because what else to do? It is already there. You are unnecessarily running here and there. You just have to come back to your home!
Don't get disheartened if you are confused or feel lost. You are on your own path in search which is there with you all the time. Don't lose hope! Your efforts will get you somewhere. You just have to try. To find your own universal truth, you are the only one who can make a path for yourself! Just keeping trying. I'm too!