Sunday, 26 February 2017


Is spirituality related to religion or completely different? Spirituality and religion both are paths which help us attain God or the Ultimate Truth! In both of them Jñana, Karma and Bhakti maarga are shown. But what is the difference? Religion is something which is objective in nature and has limitations to it. Spirituality is something which is personal, subjective in nature and limitless! We can say the subjective importance of religion is spirituality. But what "thing" is compelling us to attain the Supreme! By my point of view it is the positive entity of the "thing" which brings up anger in us. What is anger? An unsatisfactory result or imperfections! The desires are left uncompleted or the sense of righteousness according to you is not fulfilled! This "thing"if taken positively compells us to search and realize the truth. This ultimate desire focused just on the Divine with full consciousness, faith and self-surrender can help you become spiritual and reach to your own Ultimate Reality! This is also a teaching in the Bhagavad Gita. Keep trying! It's a long way but the result is surely blissful! I'm trying too!

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