Sunday, 12 February 2017


Everyone has an opinion of their own. But still we are bothered about what the other person thinks. No opinion is wrong at their own space but still we like to challenge or be worried about others opinion. Why? Human being are given the best and correspondingly the worst gift "mind". Why do I say so? Mind is a beautiful servant and a dangerous master. The moment it tries to take control, life is a mess. You will actually keep wandering and mind is already taking charge. Once the mind is incharge, the tongue which has to touching the roof of your mouth within the sealed lips, starts functioning. Do you see how this works. Firstly the forgetfulness makes the mind the master then tongue starts talking then what? Anxiety, anger, negativity and the list starts. Here the mind is the 'man' that the Hindu conception talks about, the master of the sense organs.
Firstly it's hard to analyse that this happens. The forgetfulness has become a bad habit which is hard to overcome. The ultimate is just at the threshold of this forgetfulness! Try this! Look at the second hand of your watch for 5 seconds. See how many times you actually zone out or forget! The person who with awareness can make 60 seconds straight, has known existence.
Just stay aware about this forgetfulness! Keep trying! I'm too.


  1. This is on point, straight and sensible. Needed this. Thank you so much! Keep writing. Love, Aakash :)