Monday, 9 January 2017

Free will

"The choice is yours!" This simple statement can change your thought process like never before. Why do I say so? In this statement there are two important aspects. Firstly surrendering to ultimate reality (that you believe in) and secondly taking responsibility of your actions. The irony is we don't follow or accept both of them. If these two are taken care of, positively automatically follows. As Sartre said perform any action but take full responsibility of it.
Likewise the situations of our lives needs to accepted and taken full responsibility of. For instance, if you're diabetic it's totally your wish to eat sweets or not. I know quoting the view with simple example is easy but atleast take a step to become aware of these aspects. Try surrendering and accepting your own flaws and greatness. See how the perception changes and situations automatically becomes positive and brimming with joy.

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