Friday, 9 December 2016


Life is changing very moment and in these very moment we finish our lifetime.  But do we realize this? People usually say how can you never hold a grudge? Or how can you come positively back on the track? It's simple! The moment of anger or argument is already gone. It's so easy to state but to follow? Usually people say he said such bad things about me and how can I not react? At such times I remember a enlightening quote, "Forgive others not because their mistake was small but to have peace for yourself." The people or situation has already gone by. Reacting to it or over thinking about it will only harm you, no one else.  It's really difficult to let go but once to practice it, life is easy. Think about how many hours you waste criticising others or procrastinating about situations. Wise thing is to build yourself and become the best version of you. Easy to state difficult to attain. But there is no harm in trying. Even I'm! 

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