Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Are we really free? What ever actions we are taking is the result of your thought process or some external force? Sometimes we know that this particular action is wrong or will not be beneficial but still we do the action out of nowhere! This can be the other way round to. Knowing something is right for us but still not doing it. In Indian Philosophy many religions give different reasons for such activities. But all of them nail down to the `Karma Theory`. Some oppose it, others support it. In "GITA", Lord Krishna states that the actions is in our hands but the result is in his. Further in the sutras he states that he is the one controlling everything and nothing is in our power or hands. In Jainism, their ideology strictly state that actions are in our hand and we are responsible for changing them or attempting to what we like. Buddhism just stated what the best way of living should be, nothing more nothing less. 
In modern times, can we relate to such ideologies? In no way any one is wrong in whatever they are saying. Like Mahatma Gandhi stated that every religion is more or less right. They are all at the same position but every religion has some fallacy in them. The key is to respect them all. All religions teach you to love and surrender to the higher authority. But what about the karmas that we attempt? Do they really cause bondage? What karma actually is?
Karma according to me is the actions that we do or think of doing. Yes somehow actions have equal and opposite reaction so we have to pay back at some point in our lives.  Nobody is free from this! The only way to balance is to do such actions which doesn't harm your consciousness in anyway. Your conscious must be clear. The only thing which can help is surrendering to the highest power, you may believe in any ultimate reality but just surrender to it.  Meditation is what can bring peace. And meditation by my definition is not sitting in one strict position for hours non stop but to be present 100% in any activity that you perform. 

NOTE: This is completely my point of you. This has nothing to do with any religion or pointing something wrong in anything. 

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