Thursday, 8 September 2016


This world has all sorts of people. Everyone from different culture, place, thinking, believes, characters and energy. It's so mysterious that all of a sudden you talk to a stranger and get positive vibes. It feels as if you you know them for ages. Sometimes you are walking on a road and suddenly you turn back and smile at the person walking behind you. How does this happen? This is because of the AURA or ENERGY you have and everyone has! This energy or frequency plays an important role as it directly affects your mood, state of mind and character. For instance, you walk in your work place or classroom and instantly hate a person or like a person without even knowing them. This all happen due to the energy produced by that person. Now the question is how to increase this energy? This energy generally goes up up compelling your brain to think positive and being grateful. Meditation and acquiring knowledge humbly also helps. This energy is so powerful that it can construct or destroy anything. So stay calm and work on acquiring high energy!

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