Thursday, 8 September 2016


This world has all sorts of people. Everyone from different culture, place, thinking, believes, characters and energy. It's so mysterious that all of a sudden you talk to a stranger and get positive vibes. It feels as if you you know them for ages. Sometimes you are walking on a road and suddenly you turn back and smile at the person walking behind you. How does this happen? This is because of the AURA or ENERGY you have and everyone has! This energy or frequency plays an important role as it directly affects your mood, state of mind and character. For instance, you walk in your work place or classroom and instantly hate a person or like a person without even knowing them. This all happen due to the energy produced by that person. Now the question is how to increase this energy? This energy generally goes up up compelling your brain to think positive and being grateful. Meditation and acquiring knowledge humbly also helps. This energy is so powerful that it can construct or destroy anything. So stay calm and work on acquiring high energy!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


When you walk on a path... you'll need something or someone to guide you through. Some people take shelter in religious ways, some in spirituality, some in this universe and some in particular being. You ask anyone, they will have their individual theories and views. But the beauty of these believes is TRUST! You feel liberated by following something or someone. That is the key which can take you upwards. There is a need to train your brain to think positive and grateful in each and every situation of your life. It's really difficult but not impossible. Your trust should be so strong,  that what come may your faith is not distorted. Believe me, it's very hard to not divert your faith or be stable in your trust. There will always be situations, in which you question everything but just "let it be" and keep going. That is when you attain everything!

Thursday, 1 September 2016


"SOCIETY" created by people but doesn't let people breathe. Some are born with creative mindset, some with intuitive, some with intelligence, some with strength. But do these mindsets LIVE!?! The society norms compell you to fall back from your natural self and live by rules judged by none. Actually if you see this with an open mind "no one is wrong in their respective places". Everyone is stating something from their own views and according to their surroundings. In this way no one is wrong and everyone is doing the virtuous thing according to them. But if everyone lives by their instincts, then a society cannot be formed or operated! Such complex things. Things were meant for something else but are misunderstood and told in wrong ways. There are endless norms be it cat crossing your way, lizard falling on you, creative people can't have a stable future and what not! But you'll definitely find people who will contradict the society with their instincts. In this fast and busy lives don't let go of your quality. It makes you differ from others and it's a good thing. It's not depressing to be different but liberating. Your quality makes you unique and be it!