Monday, 29 August 2016


Sometimes in life you feel frustrated or bored in various situation and practically we don't have any explanation for it. Why is that so? Imagine a life situation where you have everything, that you can think of. Do you feel satisfied? Is there any urge to run? Still?
The reason that I've analyzed is the VOID that is present in beings. To fulfill this void people change jobs, partners, places, day to day activities. But is the void filled? No, for sometime that change feels good but after that same level of frustration occurs. This change actually symbolises running away or acting aloof to the reality. A professor of mine once said all you are looking for is inside you be it knowledge or talents or emotions or strength. Actually his wordings are true. Nowadays it is really important for people to know about this void because they have no awareness of such a term. But the question is how to fulfill that void? Being yourself and meditation can help you with that (I'm not giving you a religious lecture, don't stress out!) Meditation is not sitting silently for hours non stop. Meditation can also happen when you give your 100% in every thing. Music, art, dancing, looking out of the window all by yourself is also meditation. When you are nature (not enacting something different from your every nature, so that you are liked by others) things start calming you down. No tags are attached! You are free. Just once think about this void in your lives. For once understand it and gather courage to be alone atleast for a minute. I know it's hard but trying is easy (it doesn't cost a thing!)

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