Sunday, 28 August 2016


Some kid was discussing about success with me. I don't know why everyone thinks that money and status symbolise success? Children are getting wrong ideas about everything. Success is not power or money, it's more of calmness and happiness. What is the use of resources when you can't enjoy it or be grateful about it? Some now may say 'are you a billionaire?' 'Are you successful?' 'How do you know?' With some experience I can say all you need is balance! A constant urge of ambition added to it is some peace. Some people are overflowing with money still they are sad and depressed all the time. A little child doesn't have anything but still smile continuously. If you ask someone the keys to success, I can guarantee you the summary can be well explained in 5 points.

1. Yes human is powerful and the most intelligent creature (not sensible though, sometimes). But still there is always something higher to us. You can name it God, soul, self, consciousness, energy, universe and all that you can imagine. You'll not believe it until and unless you are hanging on a cliff!  Nevertheless I believe in having your individual faith and surrender to it. Psychologically speaking stress hormones are released less. You feel someone or something is there to take care of you.

2. Have constant respect and gratitude for the people who were there for you or for the things you have. Positive energy starts flowing!

3. Have an open mind and curiosity.

4. Be more grateful to those people who had negative influence on you or created frustrating or difficult situations for you. Just because of them you bounced back and used your potential to make things good for you. Sometimes when you can work with your EGO, you can do wanders!

5. Lastly, whatever you choice for yourself just be confident and passionate about it.

I know sometimes in life following your path can be really tedious but don't give up. Just keep on trying. You'll get there! 

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