Saturday, 27 August 2016


Only 10% of our sadness is because of the outer world and 90% is because of our way of perceiving the world! Such a deep thought yet simple one. The tricks is to maintain an equilibrium with your inner and outer space. Doesn't it sound dull and difficult to achieve? I know it really is. It's so easy to state advices like stay calm in this situation or be like that. But can you actually function with others navigating the way? This is your life and your own path. Nobody can walk it for you. People will always be there as guides, speculators, critics, well wishers, annoying beings and so on. But the important thought is you are the one who can really take control of your life. You are the head sailor of the ship. It's totally your choice to smile in the most difficult times or stay sad. Everyday when you wake up make the right choice!

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