Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Become your own light!

Everyone is familiar with the concept of caste system (as an Indian we are born with the ❛tag❜). So over the years we have known and heard various stories and real life experiences of people relating to castes! In 21st century we are still debating and discussing about caste system. Is it really worth it? Be it the metropolitan cities or the rural areas we are still very much entangled in it. Amidst these frustrating experiences, I had a conversation with a witty person. The discussion was about ❝Chandal❞. It refers to the progeny produced from a Brahmin woman and Sudra man. They were outcasted by the society. But I heard a positive story about a Chandal being, who was outcasted but attained liberation. It was because of the way he followed his own path and the dedication he showed to free himself from the narrow and misunderstood concept of castes! On this I remember a famous quote by Gotham Buddha ❛Be your own light❜ (converted from his Sanskrit sutra). It is the action and intention that matters not the tags!
Discussion credit : my Buddhism professor

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