Monday, 22 August 2016

A walk alone...

Have you ever been alone? Just by yourself walking on an unknown path. In that very moment you can be yourself. No opinion of others, no society, no definitions but just you. Experiencing your each thought and every movement. In that very span you understand things and situations so clearly. People are so afraid to be alone (even I was). All you need to do is gather some courage and start your internal journey. You'll discover the real you or the new you. Whatever knowledge, emotions, thoughts, views, opinions you need are all inside you. You just have to walk alone once. In this world of 24×7 busy lives we have lost our own selves. ❝The one who can be alone in the crowd and who can feel crowded alone has won all battles❞. Ironically every human can give advice but have you ever followed even a single one (I know, I'm also trying).

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