Monday, 29 August 2016


Sometimes in life you feel frustrated or bored in various situation and practically we don't have any explanation for it. Why is that so? Imagine a life situation where you have everything, that you can think of. Do you feel satisfied? Is there any urge to run? Still?
The reason that I've analyzed is the VOID that is present in beings. To fulfill this void people change jobs, partners, places, day to day activities. But is the void filled? No, for sometime that change feels good but after that same level of frustration occurs. This change actually symbolises running away or acting aloof to the reality. A professor of mine once said all you are looking for is inside you be it knowledge or talents or emotions or strength. Actually his wordings are true. Nowadays it is really important for people to know about this void because they have no awareness of such a term. But the question is how to fulfill that void? Being yourself and meditation can help you with that (I'm not giving you a religious lecture, don't stress out!) Meditation is not sitting silently for hours non stop. Meditation can also happen when you give your 100% in every thing. Music, art, dancing, looking out of the window all by yourself is also meditation. When you are nature (not enacting something different from your every nature, so that you are liked by others) things start calming you down. No tags are attached! You are free. Just once think about this void in your lives. For once understand it and gather courage to be alone atleast for a minute. I know it's hard but trying is easy (it doesn't cost a thing!)

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Some kid was discussing about success with me. I don't know why everyone thinks that money and status symbolise success? Children are getting wrong ideas about everything. Success is not power or money, it's more of calmness and happiness. What is the use of resources when you can't enjoy it or be grateful about it? Some now may say 'are you a billionaire?' 'Are you successful?' 'How do you know?' With some experience I can say all you need is balance! A constant urge of ambition added to it is some peace. Some people are overflowing with money still they are sad and depressed all the time. A little child doesn't have anything but still smile continuously. If you ask someone the keys to success, I can guarantee you the summary can be well explained in 5 points.

1. Yes human is powerful and the most intelligent creature (not sensible though, sometimes). But still there is always something higher to us. You can name it God, soul, self, consciousness, energy, universe and all that you can imagine. You'll not believe it until and unless you are hanging on a cliff!  Nevertheless I believe in having your individual faith and surrender to it. Psychologically speaking stress hormones are released less. You feel someone or something is there to take care of you.

2. Have constant respect and gratitude for the people who were there for you or for the things you have. Positive energy starts flowing!

3. Have an open mind and curiosity.

4. Be more grateful to those people who had negative influence on you or created frustrating or difficult situations for you. Just because of them you bounced back and used your potential to make things good for you. Sometimes when you can work with your EGO, you can do wanders!

5. Lastly, whatever you choice for yourself just be confident and passionate about it.

I know sometimes in life following your path can be really tedious but don't give up. Just keep on trying. You'll get there! 

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Only 10% of our sadness is because of the outer world and 90% is because of our way of perceiving the world! Such a deep thought yet simple one. The tricks is to maintain an equilibrium with your inner and outer space. Doesn't it sound dull and difficult to achieve? I know it really is. It's so easy to state advices like stay calm in this situation or be like that. But can you actually function with others navigating the way? This is your life and your own path. Nobody can walk it for you. People will always be there as guides, speculators, critics, well wishers, annoying beings and so on. But the important thought is you are the one who can really take control of your life. You are the head sailor of the ship. It's totally your choice to smile in the most difficult times or stay sad. Everyday when you wake up make the right choice!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Deep talks don't just happen while discussing or debating about something. Conversations can also happen sitting quietly in a serene surrounding alone or with someone you are connected to. Those are the real conversations. You don't talk through your objective truths but subjectively. The connection is what actually counts. Be it a spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual or intuitive connection, but the connect is something which has lost it's sanity over time. Life is so beautiful with this connect. Sometimes you will feel an instant connection even with a stranger and sometimes over year relationships don't have that connect. In this fast moving life don't forget to smile and find that connect.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Become your own light!

Everyone is familiar with the concept of caste system (as an Indian we are born with the ❛tag❜). So over the years we have known and heard various stories and real life experiences of people relating to castes! In 21st century we are still debating and discussing about caste system. Is it really worth it? Be it the metropolitan cities or the rural areas we are still very much entangled in it. Amidst these frustrating experiences, I had a conversation with a witty person. The discussion was about ❝Chandal❞. It refers to the progeny produced from a Brahmin woman and Sudra man. They were outcasted by the society. But I heard a positive story about a Chandal being, who was outcasted but attained liberation. It was because of the way he followed his own path and the dedication he showed to free himself from the narrow and misunderstood concept of castes! On this I remember a famous quote by Gotham Buddha ❛Be your own light❜ (converted from his Sanskrit sutra). It is the action and intention that matters not the tags!
Discussion credit : my Buddhism professor

Monday, 22 August 2016

A walk alone...

Have you ever been alone? Just by yourself walking on an unknown path. In that very moment you can be yourself. No opinion of others, no society, no definitions but just you. Experiencing your each thought and every movement. In that very span you understand things and situations so clearly. People are so afraid to be alone (even I was). All you need to do is gather some courage and start your internal journey. You'll discover the real you or the new you. Whatever knowledge, emotions, thoughts, views, opinions you need are all inside you. You just have to walk alone once. In this world of 24×7 busy lives we have lost our own selves. ❝The one who can be alone in the crowd and who can feel crowded alone has won all battles❞. Ironically every human can give advice but have you ever followed even a single one (I know, I'm also trying).

Sunday, 21 August 2016

What's new!?!

People state "new life, new beginnings" but I still ask are the old memories, events, ways have completely left you? Do they still haunt you? Is this the reason you look for new lives every now and then? People usually confuse between a analytic person and a negative being. If you question the ways or you find a different route you are categorized to be "weird", "nerd", "aloof" and the list never stops! If you asked me 2 days back I would have done the same. But today I look at it from a different perspective. Maybe these  people are living and others are going ahead in cattle or maybe these people are confused and others are going the right way. Who knows? But what has occurred to me is who really cares what you are doing? In this short span of time there is so much to be done and another clause that adds up to it is to be content and calm in your very existence. Sitting in front of the window seeing the serene environment all I can feel is to embrace it and live for once! Why is there a need to define everything into proper definitions and why is there a need to follow it?